TribeSports User Of The Week: @SpartanWithin

TribeSports User Of The Week: @SpartanWithin


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Angelo RWhich Tribesports Challenge has been your toughest and which are you most proud of?

Well, I really do not know which really was the toughest challenge for me since I am on TribeSports…

Recently I took, followed and completed five challenges together 30 day squat Challenge30 day burpee Challenge30 day lunges Challenge30 day push-up variation Challenge30 day crunch Challenge, from which I proposed this very tough one: 30 day squats, burpee, lunges, push-up Challenge, and if they together were one, then it was the toughest ever.

However, the 30 day burpee Challenge was the toughest of the five, then squat’s, but in all time between the challenges I have taken the harder was, I think, 100 day burpee Challenge 5050 total. Obviously, burpees with squat thrust, push-up, squat thrust and squat jump. Just thinking at it I cry like a baby…

How would you say your background as a swimmer has shaped your sporting dedication in recent years?

I live in a costal town of south of Italy, and so I “know” the sea and the element water since I was a kid. I am able to swim since my youth, I was always swimming and when I studied the course of Swimming/Water Sports at the University for my degree course, Sport Sciences, I already knew how to swim.

However, I actually learned to swim teaching others to do it when I was working at the city pool. Thanks to my trainer and friend Gianfranco (a 2nd level trainer, the highest level of FIN, the Italian Swimming Federation), I started to train for Masters Swimming.

As a M30 swimmer of this league I have participated in three swimming events, two of which were Masters Swimming Regional Championships, in which I have consistently ranked in the top three in my specialties, 100-meter freestyle and 100-meter individual medley.

Angelo Swimming Meet

In the past, I attended a course of self-defense and Wing Chun for some time (nearly 20 years ago, but now I do not remember almost anything!), I played a few years in handball (about 8 years ago), and I have always performed functional training via calisthenics and plyometrics and some time running.

Then, since that moment, I started also to run with continuity and it changed my vision of training. I think I can say I have always loved sport and fitness in (almost) all their forms. Recently, in fact, I decided to run everyday and break all other limits I had and unfortunately I still have.

Thanks to my experience in swimming competitions, but before in handball matches, I think that sooner or later I will partecipate in some running event.

The photos you share from your runs are epic – what is it about the Italian countryside which motivates you to run?

Olga and AngeloI started running again in October after some months I stopped, a little to lose weight, a little to resume performance, but in the past years my routine was of only 3-4 runs per week (I was however following some training program).

I was running with my girlfriend, Olga V, on the waterfront of my city, but I felt the need to do more. Much more. The storm that has almost completely destroyed the waterfront gave a twist to my workouts.

The first few days I did not know if I should go to run where there was still the road, or to go elsewhere. For a few days we ran on the waterfront, then I started going to run alone in the morning (well, actually late morning, almost noon with the scorching sun!), also because I had to make a change in training, as I said, and she could not always be with me every day.

So, I started to run on the ring road of Siderno, my city, I tried other roads moving into the hamlets and countryside. In practice, I always run in the hills, but I dream of finding routes to make only trail running!

Since I’m running in the countryside, where there is always a breeze, I no longer feel the humidity and I’m always fresh! What better motivation than this? Seriously, it’s fun to see sliding houses, roads, lands and the countryside… the whole landscape.

Angelo Photos

Your current running streak is very impressive, how many km are you averaging a week?

Angelo As I previously said, before I was (we were) running on the waterfront for about 4-6 km, 3 times a week. Then, since the waterfront was destroyed, I started to run 4 times before, then 5, 6 and finally every day.

Apart from a couple of very long runs (more than 20 km), my longest runs are usually only 10 or 15 Km (10 Km if they are uphill runs like the one last Saturday, it was very tough!). The other runs I do are always almost short: those in threshold are of about 5.5 km, the VO2 max interval runs of 6-7 km, the “normal” hill runs of 7-8 and the recovery runs under 5 km.

So, running every day, my average is of about 45-50 km per week, with two peak of over 60 km (the two weeks I did a long run of about 23 km).

However, I feel, and I know, that what I do is absolutely nothing compared to the professionals or semi-professionals runners.

Above all, especially now that summer has arrived and I am training at home in the morning with various challenges, I go running in the evening, but I’m reducing the load due to the heat, to resume harder with the return of autumn and the cool weather.

Body weight training is a great no-excuses approach to training, are you working towards any advanced body weight moves?

Not particularly. I have always trained according to the principles of functional training for a simple reason: functional training, or rather training that is functional to human movement! Training, for me that I work primarily as a physical trainer, should be aimed at improving athletic performance and physical condition, therefore I train people in this direction and do the same with my body.

This month, whereby, I’m doing other thousand (I overdid it a bit!) challenges, together, obviously – there are lots more 30 day Challenges, as well as taking various challenges of Boys vs. Girls, DOTW (Day Of The Week), squats per day (7-14-21-30-50-365) and so many others.

In essence, I always train to maintain and improve my sport and life performance, in pure strength, resistance to strength, aerobic and anaerobic endurance…


How long have you been starting your day with 50 push-ups?

Something is telling me that this answer will be quite short.

In my past (the first year at university), every morning when I woke up I performed some combinations of push-ups (normal, with closed hands, with 5 fingers, then 3 and only with thumbs). I execute this good morning “mantra”, I think, since about 6 years, the period when I was also at the best physical form in my whole life (I was training only with calisthenics and plyometrics exercises with some cardio on treadmill, rower and elliptical and some session of martial arts training at the punching bag).

Where in the world would you most like to complete a Challenge?

I dream of the New York and Boston Marathon, but I have to train a lot more… Much, much more.

I would also love to participate in an extreme Iron Man that they do in Scotland or Norway, but, seriously, I think it will remain only a dream!

I love both metropolis and Northern Europe landscapes, have I been figured out? 😀

Things I could do, are instead Muddy Races and Spartan Races. If I will have the possibility, sooner or later, I will do them all!

Which of the new colors in the Tribesports Performance Range are you most excited about?

Well, the colorway I was waiting for and I most wanted is the fire red, but I need a blue too.

Colors worth working for

Since I already have many other TribeSports gear (1 singlet, 2 SS Tech Tee, 1 LS Tech Tee – all charcoal, but not yet white, maybe in the future –, as well as 2 tights and 2 5” shorts), I have already planned to buy all three colors (and successively the white’s) of both the male long-sleeved and the short-sleeved shirt to almost complete the series!

#OwnYourMarks, right? 😉

Which Tribesports users make your day? 

There are a fair number of users I would like to mention…

Vaunette CVikas G and Kevin G, because lately I took inspiration from their strength; these guys log a lot of reps every day, they and others are really tough!

Eunice Y and Vylisa A, that I have to thank a lot for their many encouragements, every day, and every moment of the day!

Olga V (I must mention her), because bears me and supports me, every day!

But, on the other hand, thank you all, really!

Angelo by the sea

What’s your favorite quote?

My favorite quote is not exactly about sport, but about themselves, from the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche:

“He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.”

from “Beyond Good and Evil”.

Regarding sport and fitness, the meaning you can give to this aphorism is that it can not be a good idea to face unknown challenges without some preparation, because the challenges that are too big for you could swallow you up in a vicious circle and take more damage than profits. But, fortunately, it’s not about this!

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